Thursday, July 28, 2011

Impossible Germany, Inevitable Beijing

Inevitable, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

I found this space when I was exploring abandoned factories in Beijing.

Like the shamans who tried to heal by painting under me, I paint on these walls my own numinous symbols discovered in the land of the dreaming. The numinosity, or magical power, of our symbols transcends time and space.

Golden rain can be seen throughout history as the means by which the gods heal the land. Think of rainfall and a plentiful harvest as a conscious interpretation of the metaphor. Also, think back to the emaculate conception of Mary with Jesus, often represented by golden rain from the heavens. Further back brings us to the emaculate conception of the Greek Danae, impregnated by Zeus, also depicted as golden rainfall. Further back we go to Egypt with Isis, if you know that story, and the stories go on across cultures and time.

Modernity has not lost its connection with nature, but I feel we have forgotten how to perceive this connection which is ever active, constantly illuminating the Way, because the story goes on and on.


Mandala, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

In an ambiguiously vain attempt at healing the land I trace my dreams onto the surface of wood and stone as I roll across the land, never knowing where I am or where I'm going as I learn to let go of the bank and float down the great river. Above me, a presence sits atop an eight spoked wagon wheel and I, presumptious as a child or an uninvited guest, seek to explain the unkown to the teachers I meet along the Way. As quiet as a foreigner.

-Update Aug, 2011 -

Don't paint, talk, or try to even think about mandalas in China, it can be seen as religious and their prisons aren't good places to be.

But, if you're like me you'll do it anyway. Because it's a lot of fun and rules are idiotic.

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