Monday, August 28, 2017

Laos & Cambodia, Yeah!

We spent a few months this year in Laos and Cambodia. What a great time. Learned a lot of things from a lot of beautiful people. Became highly inspired by alternate ways of being and living on this earth. The current oligarchical means of being greedy over moneys and the limited powers and freedoms it brings is but one way of being. And as the cultures of the planet, or ethnosphere, are/is being irrepreably damaged by globalization, let's learn as much as we can from our elder brothers before they're gone for good. Because the contemporary "western" way of cohabitating has obviously failed many if not all of us to some degree.
Essentially, we can do better.
So... begin within!
Breathe deep!

Wim Hof - Vice & JRE

A little late, but always worth consideration. Science based confirmation of older potentially esoteric methods simplified for contemporary use, the purpose being; greater health, happiness, and strength, and potentially a rebalancing of our socio-cultural biosphere, ie. the world!