Friday, April 22, 2016

"Culture is not your friend" (T. McKenna Talk) + Collage Culture (Book) + Youth Lagoon (Music)

A link to "Collage Culture: Examining the 21st Century's Identity Crisis"
Collage Culture

In an essay called "The Death of Subculture," Aaron Rose (director of Beautiful Losers and co-curator of MoCA's record-smashing exhibit Art in the Streets) makes an impassioned call to arms, urging the next generation of artists to end the collage era by adopting a philosophy of creative innovation. And in her essay "Living in the Mess," Mandy Kahn (columnist, Foam magazine) considers whether the collage of references that surrounds us might negatively affect the way we feel.

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Possessed by something in the wind. 
They watch me like I'm a threat to them. 
With implants deep below their skin.
They laugh 'cause some refuse a PIN.

Sounds like a riot choking the highway. 
With stun guns, smoke, and sirens on display.
Remember when no one danced the same. 
We all had a voice, we had a name. 
We're gold that's as bright as hell's own flame. 
Forgive me, for i have lost my way.

Dripping in blood, waiting for your return. 
In repetition hall of the nocturne. 
Where we're going to, you can't bring all your worth.
Oh raise me up, oh raise me from the dirt. 
Each second is a high point of concern. 
Where we're going to, you can't bring all your worth.