Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Outdoor works in the wild

I currently feel the predominant religion of our planet to be nationalism. In its current form it is generally sad at best. I believe a true nationalism would transcend boundary lines to include the entire earth. Thus, a new and more beautiful nationalism would seek some pure manner of expression grounded in the vernacular of a time and place while ever-so-slightly seeking to evolve current discourse. Maybe that's what I was trying to do this fall (2014).

Symbols are the most effective means of communicating across temporal and cultural boundaries. Unfortunately, most of my symbolism will go consciously unrecognized. Fortunately, the subconscious mind has forever spoken a similar symbolic language.

The following works are part of a transition in which I move my work away from figurative representation toward minimalism.

Newer works toward top. Enjoy.


(33"x22"2.75") Canvas


(45"x22"x3.5") Canvas

(24"x34"x2.75") Canvas

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Terrence McKenna
"Stop consuming images, Start creating them"

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Monroe Institute & something called Hemi-Sync

Something I've been doing for some years now is called the Gateway Training Program, or the Gateway Experience. I will let it speak for itself.

The following is taken from the Gateway Experience.

Comments from Bob Monroe regarding the Gateway Experience

What can you expect from the Gateway Experience? As much or as little as you put into it. The exercises provide you with a set of tools - how you use them and what you do with them is your responsibility. Some discover themselves for the first time, and thus live more completely, more constructively. Others reach levels of awareness so profound that only one such experience is enough for a lifetime. Still others become seekers after truth and add ongoing adventure to their daily activity.

There is only one basis - that you seriously consider the Gateway Affirmation at the least a possibility: that you are more than your physical body, that you can and do exist in energy systems that are not limited to time-space, that you can and do communicate with intelligence beyond your physical consciousness - call it what you will.

What is Hemi-Sync?

Hemi-Sync is a patented, scientifically and clinically proven audio-guidance technology developed by The Monroe Institute and refined with over 40 years of research. Researchers learned that specific sound patterns could lead the brain to various states of consciousness ranging from deep relaxation or sleep to expanded awareness and other "extraordinary" states.

The audio-guidance process works by sending different sounds (tones) to each ear with stereo headphones. The two hemisphers of the brain then act in unison to "hear" a third signal - the difference between the two tones. This is not an actual sound, but an electrical signal that can only be perceived within the brain by both brain hemispheres working together. The result is a focused, whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or "Hemi-Sync." Different Hemi-Sync signals are used to facilitate deep relaxation, focused attention, or other desired states.

Music, verbal guidance, or subtle sound effects are combined with Hemi-Sync signals to strengthen their effectiveness. These recordings contain no subliminal messages. You are always in control.

Robert A. Monroe Research Pioneer of Human Consciousness from The Monroe Institute on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Books! Magical Books!

Here are some images of the books I've been working on for the past few years.

There are also stuffed animals, iphone apps, voice actors, backpacks, and a host of other fun things I get to deal with.

Better & more images will appear here at a later date - soon-ish? considering I busy.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Galápagos! A magical place

The Galápagos are a world apart & none of my writing or art can do these islands any justice. The words, "Galápagos" and "Magic" are the best we've got.

Unique and beautiful. A treasure like no other. For there… thar be turtles! (and dragons too)

In China the four noble beasts are Turtle, Unicorn, Dragon, and Phoenix. Where I lived - a short bike ride to this entrance sign - there were all four. Turtle, Horse, Iguana, and Chicken.

The local people also have stories about little people inhabiting certain lava tunnels.

Galápagos is a magical place.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Painting up & down equatorial beaches

Found a nice place to live in for a while. Will see how things unfold. Enjoy the view.