Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Call for Artists

Call for Artists
This should be a pretty big event in part of the world where art, especially the art found at street level (streetart, wheatpasting, graffiti, bombing, tagging, etc) is dangerously misunderstood by the establishment. So, please help support cultural education in a place where it is greatly needed. The people setting up this event are doing a wonderful service for their community.
www. Living Walls Conference .com

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AMERICA! . . . a reminder

Just one exclamation mark!? That is not the "AMERICA!!!" I know and love.

Just reminiscing about competitions, about how there must always be a loser, and about how - even though we may all want the same thing - we seem to be more than willing to do the most monstrous things to one another, ourselves, and our very planet in order to get there.

Cheers to whosoever owns the AMERICA! franchise. It'll be with even more pride that I wear my dog tags with the engraven cross upon 'em and sing "Onward Christian Soldiers."
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Monday, April 19, 2010

The pope deserves a spanking

An Apology ... at long last!
Yea, if the head of your religion was a Nazi & thinks it's not such a bad thing to rape hundreds of little boys... yea, consider fucking changing religions. Or just accept your idiocy, be happy, rape less.

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Drop Art

gambling in a casino at 5:00 on tuesday poo superman
You can't tell from the images, but I put nails in the wood & the wooden panels are hanging there. I don't take pictures of everything & I don't post all the pictures I take.
From left to right (Gambler in a Casino at 5am on a Tuesday. / Untitled / Superman)

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I drank raw ether

i drank raw ether - The War cia fuera del ecuador Thundercats HO!!

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sketch sketch sketch

I want to fire a missile launcher. And the children were led to the other side of the mountain

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Does this even count, wooster?

Looking for inspiration today I decided to check . If you like art & you've not heard of it, it's worth taking a look. Anyway, ended up finding this there. And the only nice idea I come away with is that it sounds better when the word, "wooster" is tacked on to the end of any question... or sentence even. Examples follow...

Some older crap of mine, not really worth mentioning wooster. Does it also give you that dreaming-feeling like when the drugs just aren't working-feeling wooster? What do you think wooster? The television is on the fritz wooster.

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