Monday, August 29, 2011


Père David's Deer
Père David's Deer, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

"The tail of a donkey, the head of a horse, the hoofs of a cow, the antlers of a deer." - Chinese description of 'ol David's Deer. They are currently extinct in the wild.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birds singing/ in the dark/ -Rainy dawn. -Jack Kerouac

Birds singing/ in the dark/ -Rainy dawn. -Jack Kerouac
Birds singing/ in the dark/ -Rainy dawn. -Jack Kerouac

I left some art here, the lady & I may have been friends in a past life, but, even now, nothing is more beautiful than the mountains in the distance.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nanjing Nights

China, Heaven Ascending
Heaven Ascending, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

The Hexagram also means Peace / T'ai

Look Beyond! / Nanjing
Look Beyond, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

Endless buildings fade into the pollution in all directions. . . Painting beside that chimney was pretty stupid, poisonous gas comes out...

As an aside, asking people to think outside the box can be dangerous, use caution when hot.

Lord of a Chinese Forrest
A forrest of buildings in Nanjing, two wolf heads, mountain-top removal, and a dreamcatcher on a stick.

Clothes washing
Clothes washing, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

As I jumped off the ladder, I landed but the paint can was empty, I looked up, and down it came. Did that twice, twice covered in black paint. Enjoy!

Foto opportunities!
Foto opportunities!, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

Running around taking photos with friends

Nanjing, Rooftops
Rooftops, Nanjing, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

That's quite large actually... thinking back I wonder both why and how I might have painted so high.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Spirit of an Age

It is a psychological fact that the artist has at all times been the instrument and spokesman of the spirit of his age. His work can be only partly understood in terms of his personal psychology. Consciously or unconsciously, the artist gives form to the nature and values of his time, which in their turn form him.

Almost anywhere

Inner Vision of Man

The Spirit of an Age

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