Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks for all the memories... Happy Thanksgiving

I watch this next one with the audio from the one following & it is nice.

Be light,
shine bright.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

November's Plans

Galapagos skreet-art, i love you

I'll be back in Quito next month, but don't think I'll be able to stay for long.

I plan to head off into the jungle unless some amazing painting opportunity or desert shaman calls me first. I plan to go as deep as I can in search of a master trying to make up my own lesson.

Yeah, so hopefully that's a smooth phase transition. And you? What're your plans?

I've recently discovered that - indeed - Ecuador does have some of the best colours this world has to offer.

Unfortunately, some people don't understand that nature's greens are beautifully healing and that replacing them with bricks and cement and combustion engines is but an evil fever-dream from past nightmares of mad men.

Well, open up a new dream for them if you can, and if you can't, learn and grow.

Little hug, big hug, little hug, little kiss, big kiss.

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