Friday, December 31, 2010

Grapefruit Soap

Grapefruit soap
little text reads;
the americas smell like exhaust
as i hear the sound of ice water melting
and most paintings i see in real-life are boring


Carl Jung
The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature. Collected Works, Vol. 15, pars. 97-132. [A lecture delivered to the Society for German Language and Literature, Zurich, May, 1922. First published as "Über die Beziehungen der analytischen Psychologie zum dichterischen Kunstwerk"
The normal man can follow the general trend without injury to himself; but the man who takes to the back streets and alleys because he cannot endure the broad highway will be the first to discover the psychic elements that are waiting to play their part in the life of the collective. Here the artist's relative lack of adaptation turns out to his advantage; it enables him to follow his own yearnings far from the beaten path, and to discover what it is that would meet the unconscious needs of his age. Thus, just as the one-sidedness of the individual's conscious attitude is corrected by reactions from the unconscious, so art represents a process of self-regulation in the life of nations and epochs.

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"We all want the same, Sit around one fire,"

the most

but, there's
a lot of good
energy there...
trust me

Both Audio & Video done by C. Langton of the Wolf's Clan (Wolfsklan)

I've uploaded this song without asking for permission, but I know these people and simply find it to be a nice song. Let me know if you'd like me to take it down. Or, better yet, send me more video / audio. Thanks!

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Empire will end!

Empire will end!

Carl Jung
The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature. Collected Works, Vol. 15, pars. 97-132. [A lecture delivered to the Society for German Language and Literature, Zurich, May, 1922. First published as "Über die Beziehungen der analytischen Psychologie zum dichterischen Kunstwerk"
Whoever speaks in primordial images speaks with a thousand voices; he enthralls and overpowers, while at the same time he lifts the idea he is seeking to express out of the occasional and the transitory into the realm of the ever-enduring. He transmutes our personal destiny into the destiny of mankind, and evokes in us all those beneficent forces that ever and anon have enabled humanity to find a refuge from every peril and to outlive the longest night.

That is the secret of great art, and of its effect upon us. The creative process, so far as we are able to follow it at all, consists in the unconscious activation of an archetypal image, and in elaborating and shaping this image into the finished work. By giving it shape, the artist translates it into the language of the present, and so makes it possible for us to find our way back to the deepest springs of life. Therein lies the social significance of art: it is constantly at work educating the spirit of the age, conjuring up the forms in which the age is most lacking. The unsatisfied yearning of the artist reaches back to the primordial image in the unconscious which is best fitted to compensate the inadequacy and one-sidedness of the present. The artist seizes on this image, and in raising it from deepest unconsciousness he brings it into relation with conscious values, thereby transforming it until it can be accepted by the minds of his contemporaries according to their powers.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Requerimiento & Kogi Warning

The Requerimiento (Spanish "requirement" as in "demand") was a written declaration of sovereignty and war, read by Spanish military forces to assert their sovereignty (a dominating control ) over the Americas.

Atahualpa, Atahuallpa, Atabalipa, or Atawallpa (March 20, 1497 Cusco, Perú – Cajamarca, July 26, 1533), was the last Sapa Inca or sovereign emperor of the Tahuantinsuyu, or the Inca Empire.

Below is an excerpt from a documentary about the Tairona culture (1970's?)

The Kogi or Kogui or Kaggabba, translated "jaguar" in the Kogi language[1] are a Native American ethnic group that lives in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. They are one of the few surviving Pre-Columbian civilizations of South America.

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A Gourd of Ashes, Pacha Duchicela,

& Hopi prophecy, which all mean very little to us now because they're dead

A Gourd of Ashes, Pacha Duchicela,

If one were to continue watching this talk, if I recall correctly, he goes on to discuss a prophecy regarding the "gourd of ashes" as understood by the Hopi.

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It's the little things ... which kick me when I'm down.

it's the little things
The text reads from top to bottom and cannot be read from this digital image:

it's the little things
parking lots
& ship yards
marie antoinette
& a royal with cheese
football fields
& shopping malls

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just another holy man...

dared to be a friend.
My god they killed him.
Just another holy man

(Original: Bob Dylan - They killed him)
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Environments of the Future will be like those of the Past

Our future past
There's this Hopi prophecy about a time when spider webs cross the sky. Might that be telephone poles or contrails?

White Antelope
"Nothing lives long, only the earth and the mountains."
- White Antelope

A colonist's observation of the Red Mann
I can't recall which colonist made this observation in relation to the Red Mann (yea, I spell it with two 'n's), but it went like this:
"They live well free, but as soon as you reduce them to a Christian community life, they fatten sicken, and die."

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I love this world & baby albatrosses too!

the whole world

Yea, so whatever idiot tricked me into buying a bottle of water? Ever wonder what will eventually happen to those cute little tops? Or perhaps you're like me and use a plastic lighter. No? Something else? I've got a few thousand small plastic objects in front of me and I suppose they will eventually find their ways into the gut of some baby animal somewhere. Eventually. Seeing as how it may well be around for a damn long time.


Gotta love it. Just so convenient.

baby albatross
Baby Albatross with plastic taken from its stomach removed and cleaned.
The garbage in the Oceans is being fed to the young. And the waters are dying.

Check out this short talk about the plastic garbage patch in the Pacific. And then stop buying anything in plastic (if you can).

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Future landscapes

I often wonder where this civilization is taking us. My general conclusions come to a point which fills me with sorrow and I choose not to share my thoughts for, as a warning, they'll simply go unheeded, and as a topic of conversation, well, it's not an easy one.

The ones we have been waiting for

White Tree Deer Tag

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South American art-of-the-street-style

A bit of mimicry regarding that oh so typical South American art-of-the-street style (whatever that means), except for the apocalyptic skyline and the 10 minute or so completion time. I intended to decorate them all with globalizing logos and propaganda, as I'm used to a lot of advertising and propaganda at street level in those places. I love it though.

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A quick alteration of a Matisse done back in August

this's a quasi-copy of a matisse in NYC

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Working without music is impossible. Often wonder how people do it? And why?

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