Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Labor of Hercules - Full Narrative - EXPOSED!

Happy Birthday!
In the beginning of our story the main character plays music. A carefree life.

Armadillo presenting reliquary
Some trouble arises and an Armadillo tasks him with a quest of sorts.

"I think that this Zen master is thinking too much. How can a butterfly dream?"
A magical leaf is ceremoniously mixed into a magical drink.

This lady offered to poison me. She's pretty cool.
Offerings are presented to the gods of night.

The female god, Ayahuasca, oft symbolized by anaconda.
The female goddess Ayahuasca answers in her typical form, that of a great snake.

Labor of Hercules
The Great Evil that is the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is like the hydra.

Hungry kitty - rooftop wraparound - corner with orb\
Fighting it's many necks proves difficult. Devouring it is our last ditch answer.

A blooded sword is a good thing indeed.

Armadillo presenting reliquary
Our story begins to loop, like the great snake. Here reward is presented.

Happy Birthday!
Life is cyclical and we begin where we end. Birth, death, all that jazz.