Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adam Curtis & his work, "The Century of the Self" 2002 (240 min)

If you understand the post from Dec 18, 2009 on the mediascape then you understand how new media enables us to challenge and expand upon preconceived notions of things like; the speech, lecture, academic paper, powerpoint presentation, and so forth. I've watched a few of the documentaries by the British film maker, Adam Curtis, and find them to fit into this category the same way one might categorize Michael Moore. One could see them as propaganda films, but I believe them to be more like modern means of communication in a landscape where new media provides us with the ability to include visuals, music, poetry, etc. to enhance things mentioned above (lecture, academic paper, etc). And to navigate through such a mediascape one should like to be as literate as possible. So, enough of me trying to fit many complex ideas into a small space, & without further ado, a film I saw some years ago entitled "The Century of the Self." (Presumably this link works)

I had looked for a trailer to post, but found this instead.
Find out more about Adam Curtist (Filmography) here:

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