Friday, July 10, 2009

Installation Art: A Man on the Cross

The title is a quote taken from some of the first the MKULTRA experiments where a large amount of LSD was given unwittingly to monks in order to determine whether it was actually a gateway to higher realms, God, and so forth.

The work itself was created by stealing hundreds of advertisements of P. Diddy's new album "Press Play" and vandalizing them as a form of stop-motion which, when played backward, acts as a form of reverse vandalism.

The work was then projected onto a canvass created by stitching dismantled crosses stolen from an anti-abortion rally shortly after Amnesty International recognized abortion as a human right. The work is set to a Nick Drake's "Cello Song" only because I happened to see an excellent live VJ rendition of the work some days before finishing the piece.

That's about it. Just another public installation piece of artwork displayed at the Georgia Institute of Technology alongside students of mine who were showcasing their interactive installations.