Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Real changes - and your ability to make them

"Quantum mechanics clearly shows that nothing can be predetermined, no matter how events may appear. Not only is ours a small world, it is a Zen world after all. You may object and claim that you can't change because people remember how you are, that you are powerless to change anything. But the indivisible quantum of shapable action proves you wrong.
Even our concept of memory needs revision. The unrelentless quantum shows that the past as well as the future, is created. There is no past. There is no future. We create both, continuously and in unpredictable ways. This is it. There are no hidden messages. If, for only an instant, you sense this overwhelming fact of your existence, it will alster your future now as you hold this book in your hands. You can't help but sense a feeling of power. No one knows you. You know no one."
"Taking the Quantum Leap" - Fred Alan Wolf
I stole this book from a library as a teenager. Found I still love it.  :) Andes
I have altered the past once, the future, zero times.
The Great Awakening: The Key is in the Stars