Thursday, November 1, 2012

Alex Grey 'and I'm tellin all a yall it's a sabotage'

Always been a fan of his work, but didn't know that this painting was Beastie Boys cover for "Ill Communication" A fantastic album which has the song "Sabotage"

Great song which yells at us something like "[tellin all of yall it's a sabotage]"

The painting is but one of the collective consciousness's manifestation of consciousness events of the future within the past. Don't know what that is? You're leading a less than fulfilled life, read Carl Jung or listen to him talk on Youtube, it'll take about 3-30 minutes of your life.

Painting's title; Gaia. Did you notice the Twin Towers & two planes & or the guy looking like G. W. Bush? Notice anything else?

Can't stress the fascination with which I listened to him talk.
You can find a talk here: :

 Sabotage video below the painting titled "Gaia."