Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chickenses! - like 80,000 or so

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When are we going to start treating people and animals with respect and lean the slightest bit away from this soulless economic model where everyone and everything is an "economic unit?"
80.000 baby chickens
80.000 baby chickens
Dumping them from a moving truck, one hundred chickens per basket, have you ever wondered what one hundred baby chickens hitting the ground sounds like?

If you've ever loved the industrialization of modern man as much as me, you'd be at home here. The air burns your throat and eyes if you've never been exposed to it before. And later, as they mature the air inside the houses gets worse, becoming almost corrosive to your skin and clothing. But if you can learn to love it, it's absolutely beautiful! Sure, it may taste like water, but what food these days doesn't?

The chicken that you eat today will live for approximately 8 weeks. Any longer and it's hormone-induced weight, will have long since crushed its legs, forcing it to starve to death on the floor which, by then will be so thick with feces and urine as to almost drown a chicken or (because of the ammonia) burn its eyes and lungs out before it would have time to starve to death.

Chicken House
Here you see about 20,000 chickens at about 4 weeks of age.

And then you see what it looks like at harvesting time; 8 weeks of age.
Los Cachadores
"Los cachadores" are the ones that catch the chicken. And when this goes on it goes so fast & the air of the place becomes thick with the fine particulate matter generated by the machines carrying the cages in and out. It's impossible to see, it's hot, and the smell both burns and permeates your entire being. The process has been made so fast that sometimes their very bodies are pulled apart.

Factory Style

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