Saturday, December 18, 2010

I love this world & baby albatrosses too!

the whole world

Yea, so whatever idiot tricked me into buying a bottle of water? Ever wonder what will eventually happen to those cute little tops? Or perhaps you're like me and use a plastic lighter. No? Something else? I've got a few thousand small plastic objects in front of me and I suppose they will eventually find their ways into the gut of some baby animal somewhere. Eventually. Seeing as how it may well be around for a damn long time.


Gotta love it. Just so convenient.

baby albatross
Baby Albatross with plastic taken from its stomach removed and cleaned.
The garbage in the Oceans is being fed to the young. And the waters are dying.

Check out this short talk about the plastic garbage patch in the Pacific. And then stop buying anything in plastic (if you can).

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